Science film festival

Science film festival - Tathagat Gyansthali Senior Secondary School

It is the matter of great pleaser than on 24th September 2014 under Science Research Club, Banda the fourth phase of science Film Festival has been inaugurated in Tathagat Gyansthali Senior Secondary School, Atarra (Banda).

In the programme of Science Film Festival that students and the teachers are being made familiar with activities of cosmic bodies through digital constellation with the cooperation of Indira Gandhi Planetarium. They are being shown the sky through the projector along with it they are being given the information about the theory of relativity and definition of Nano Technology and its utility and the movement of the stars through the science movie based on audio visual technology. Science Film Festival Programmes was inaugurated by Dr. S.D. Pathak Scientist, IIT, Khadagpur, Finance Controller Mr. Shivsharan Kushwaha, Principal of the school Mr. S. Rajendran and the Chief of science Research Club, Banda. Mr. Shani Kumar BY cutting the ribbon.

The little children of the school welcomed all the guests by presenting delightful programmes and the principal of the school greeted the chief guest and all the guests by offering Bouquets expressed her obligation to all the guests and she said that Science Film festival Programme is being organised in Tathagat Gyansthali Senior Secondary School Atarra District Banda for eight days from 24/09/2014 to 01/10/2014 to develop the interest towards cosmogical education and to expand the practical education and to scientific factual attitude.

On this occasion, the Scientist of IIT Khadagpur Dr. S.D. Pathak said that it is an important scientific effort of the club through which several cosmic myths are being tried to be bursted. Through his scientific lectures gave the answer of several questions of the students and he provided wonderful knowledge about cosmology and convinced about Newtonian Gravity, Big Bang Theory, dark Matter, Education Variation of Einstein.

On this occasion, Mr, Shani Kumar the head of science Research club Banda introduced about the twinkling start and he told the cosmic method to search them. Demonstrating he told that the universe is originated before 13 billion years and in universe there are different types of group of stars among the uncountable stars, that are called galaxy Till now the total number constellation of is 88 with 12 Zodiacs in which like seven stars, Rajrishi, Mragshira Sharnishtha are important galaxies. The most important start is pole star which has important place to search direction.

The principal of the school expressed her pleasure on the occasion of Science Film Festival that it is the very pleasing fact that the student and the people of atarra will get the amazing knowledge and enjoy about the world of Science clarifies the importance of the important thing provided by the nature.

Madam also said that it is the glorious matter that our school is selected to provide the knowledge of space and universe that is unique and a good achievement for the children.

The conduction of planetarium show was conducted by Mr.K.K. Tiwari. Santosh and Manish.

In the programme Mr. Ujjawal Pandey (co-director of Science Research Club Banda).Atul Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Manish Kesharwani, Manoj Soni , Anil Maurya, Rajesh Singh, Suneeta Gupta and Kuldeep Singh played very important role.

At the last Mr. Manish Kesharwani (P.G.T-Bio) of the school thanked and expressed his obligation towards the chief guest and other respected guests for their presence and contribution for the programme.