Code of Conduct for Teachers

Code of Conduct for Teachers

Teachers are required, to be punctual as per the timing layed out for them. (40 minutes before the time)

On arrival first sign the register with exact time you have arrived at.

Only use blue pen while signing in the register and no scratching or overwriting is allowed.

Submit your lesson plan every day before going home.

Unnecessary argument with the Principal or Management is unacceptable. Issues if any should be raised in writing in application format.

Proceed to the class immediately after signing, with the required books, and equipments before the bell rings.

During assembly you must not sit down or do any other work. Attendance in assembly is compulsory along with the attendance register.

Immediately after the assembly, take the attendance in the class register and mention the same on the blackboard. Mention the date, day, subject and topic, on the blackboard.

Check on the uniform of the students which includes neatness of the Uniform, Size of the Uniform, Shoes, Socks, hair, white/black hair bands, belt, tie, and make a note of any irregularity in the student’s diary.

Long absence without notification i.e. more than 5 days has to be brought to the notice of the coordinator and the printed letters is to be sent to the parents. A record of it has to be kept to be entered in the register at reception.

Stand while teaching. Take regular rounds to draw the back bencher’s attention.

Follow your planning meticulously. Any changes required have to be approved of from the Principal / Co-coordinator.

No mutual changes of periods are to be done with other teachers.

H.W. given is to be noted down in the Diary, and has to be fed on the website daily as per the given time table and signed by the class teacher.

H.W. given should have follow up i.e. checked whether done or not and irregularity noted down in the diaries. In case often such a thing happens bring it to the notice of Co-ordinator.

Checking of C.W., H.W., Workbooks, assignment sheet or any other assigned work is to be done thoroughly with red pen.

Attendance register is to be submitted daily before leaving without fail at the school reception.

Sign the departure time in the register while leaving and not the next day.

While leaving the school at departure time meet the respective Head, in case there are instructions to be given.

While doing proxy you have to see to it that proper discipline is maintained and some kind of work is given to occupy them. It should be some kind of constructive work and not only just read (Character formation or any G.K. Quiz)

In case of long absence proxy you will be expected to take up the syllabus planned for that time.

No kind of checking is to be done in the class.

12 CLs can be enjoyed within an academic year.

No medical or any other kind of leave will be given.

Granting of CL lies with the management and in case it is not granted and yet the person goes on leave it will be considered LWP.

The school should be informed at the earliest by any means without fail, for leave taken in case of emergencies.

At a time not more than 3 CLs can be taken provided there is a balance of previous month either together or in parts. Rest will be considered LWPs. 3 leaves at a stretch will be only considered by the Principal.

LWP record will be entered in the service books which will affect your confidential report and service record and also the increment will be delayed.

Leave is not to be asked for in groups of two or more.

Report of activities attended outside the school premises has to be given to the Principal as soon as you report back.

Beating of students is strictly prohibited. As punishment they can be made to stand inside the class or can be given writing punishment. If you do beat a child, it will be at your responsibility and the management will not stand up to you for this offence.

In Std. I to IV the boys and girls can be seated together but Std. V onwards they should be seated in separate rows.

Lesson should be planned in great detail. Teachers are required to mention not only the subjects, class & name of the lesson but also the method of teaching the lesson, the teaching aids used –charts, models, flash cards, experiments, maps, etc., the H.W. assigned. Concept mapping and group work should be a regular part of the teaching method.

The Syllabus to be completed in one academic session is split month wise. The amount to be covered per month should be covered in the assigned month.

Teachers should follow a homework time table schedule. A particular class gets three assignments to do every day of which two are written and one is oral. It is of utmost importance that every subjects/class teacher knows on what day she has to assign homework in a particular class. Homework should be checked promptly before giving the next assignment.

The students and staff are divided into 4 houses. It is the duty of every teacher to contribute in placing her/his house on a Pedestal. She/he does this by.

(a) Playing an active role in preparing children for the inter house competitions.

( b) Preparing the children for zonal & other inter school competitions.

( c) Assigning duties for the weeks or days when the house is on duty.

Discipline in the school is every body’s business. The onus of discipline lies on each and every teacher. Be self disciplined & help to inculcate the same in the students.

( a) The class teachers must instruct their classes to move in straight lines & in silence.

( b) The class teachers must ensure that the students bring leave application after their absence from school.

( c) Even at the change of periods the children should be made to understand that they have to maintain silence.

(d) The teachers themselves should reach the classes without any delay.

( e) During class hours a child can leave the class only with the teacher’s permission with a class leaving pass him/her.

39. He/She must bring to the notice of the Principal if:

(a) a child’s progress is not satisfactory, or has suddenly dropped.

(b) a child complains regularly of any illness.

(c) any other problem that he/she may have.

The identity information page of the diary along with the signature of the guardian & teachers should be submitted to the office by the class teacher.

A teacher’s nature must be loving and caring. The teacher should be a guide, a mentor and a facilitator. We must realize that a teacher’s role over the years has changed from ‘a sage on the stage’ to ‘a guide by the side ‘ and we should be open to new ideas and bring our children closer to us and help them learn by being perfect role models.

Teachers are requested to see the arrangement duty chart every day in between the periods.

Feeding of remarks per child should be regular feature for every class teacher.