Morning Assembly Activities

Morning Assembly Activities - Tathagat Gyansthali Senior Secondary School

Morning assembly plays a significant role in each and every school. it shows the image of the school. It not only reflects the discipline of the school but also the whole congenial environment of the school at each and every corner the school begins with the morning assembly programme remembering Almighty. It is reqarded as the day's beginning. It ensures the all round development of the school as well as of the children.

We always endeavour to inculcate the seeds of etiquettes, culture, awareness in the student through different types of programmes-prayer pledge speech special points G.K quiz news Headlines and so on and try to feed in all round development of the students We try to show the seeds of noble ideas and create even the feeling of nationalism and we also try to transform them as a good and responding citizen of our country. In the assembly period every day we cheek the neatness of the uniform hair style physical hygienic condition and nails of the each and every students and try to influence them by presenting good examples of the society.