Tathagat's Curriculum

Highlight of primary wings

  • Fully equipped with smart classes (audio-visual aids).
  • Includes English, Hindi, Mathematics', Environmental Studies, Computers & Art
  • Special attention on speaking, reading and oral.
  • Sentence formation with correct pronunciation and grammar
  • Active participation of pre-primary in morning assembly imbibing etiquettes and moral values since the beginning through skits and stories
  • Games and Sports for the mental and physical development of Tiny Tots.
  • Attractive bicycles, toys, chairs, benches and other fanciful items for tiny tots.

Highlight of middle wings

Middle school curriculum is aimed acquainting students with syllabus of C.B.S.E. in various subjects at introductory level. The curriculum strongly emphasises on subjects like English maths and Science. The curriculum of the syllabus in each subject perfectly lays a strong foundation for excellence according to the C.B.S.E.level. We focus on spoken & written English, self study and reference is encouraged to increase the depth of knowledge and to promote independence in Studies. The teacher plays an important role in igniting the fantasies of the children, understanding of natural performance and scientific demonstration is aided by computerised graphic to curb cyberphobia we believing in "learning by doing" to make it implement all the classes are equipped with audio visual digital boards.

Highlights of Senior wings Science Stream Commerce Stream

Senior school curriculum is based on the compulsory and optional subject prescribed by the board as AISSE\AISSCE exams. The AISSE curriculum includes English, Hindi ,Maths, Science Social Science and optional subjects The AISSCE curriculum includes English, Hindi, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Informatics Practice, Biology Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies Students are well guided by teachers to follow C.B.S.E pattern.

House system

In order to realize the highest ideal of education and nature the sterling qualities of well rounded personalities and inculcate a healthy competition, the school has been divided into four houses with an elected Captain and Vice captain (Student's side) graced with badges at the investiture ceremony and selected Moderators (among the Teacher)for each house.

Round the session the school has a number of interhouse competitions through which students are motivated to participate with zeal and enthusiasm. The students thoughts regular practise learn to shoulder the responsibilities and also learn a skill to work in a term or group and develop skill of leadership.