Assessment of Listening & Speaking Skill

Assessment of Listening & Speaking Skill - Tathagat Gyansthali Senior Secondary School

From the ASL "Examination Club"

A large population of students pass out of school with inadequate competence in expressive communication skills. As you Know, good communication skills raise the self exteem of a students and impress other and also being name and fame, so, our school essentially desires that the student acquire proficiency in them by the time the leave school. In the present day global markets speaking and listening are considered to be the essential skills of real life.

Our school adopts a reformatory approach to the teaching learing and assessment of students. Competency in the English language. Our Hon'ble Head of the institution always tries that students get more opportunities to practice their oral-aural skills in and outside of the school premiss for achieving this goal number of activities like debate Group discussion A.S.L. Essay writing and News Reading Competitions organise every academic year.